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What are the advantages of booking a padel court online?

Participating in sports activities is the best way to have a good time with friends. because it tries to promote a healthy lifestyle and sports. Our goal is to remove all barriers that may hinder you and make the game as accessible as possible. Appear on the site of almost all kinds of sports, including Padel You can rent a field and a hall for playing. 

Why is booking a padel court online a good decision and what are the advantages of this type of service? - If you are looking for answers to these questions, then this blog is just for you.

Simple and convenient booking conditions

We offer an online space where you can quickly and easily book a padel court. You will find various alternatives with us, from which you can choose the most convenient option. Take a look at the pitches' locations, prices and the extras each one offers. Paid and free parking, changing rooms, night lighting and bathrooms – depending on these criteria, you will definitely be able to find an environment that suits you. 

It is possible to reserve the field at Gamo at any time of the day. Even if there are less than 3 hours left before the desired game time, you can write to us in the chat. We will do our best to help you and will provide you with updated information on whether you will be able to reserve a slot. 

Please note that if the reservation is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, the paid amount will not be returned, and the reservation time can be changed within the remaining slots of the same price category until the end of the working day. Exceptions are the cases of the need to cancel the reservation due to objective circumstances, for example; deterioration of the weather.

A wide selection of pitches

When booking a padel court online on the Gamos website, you will notice that the clubs are grouped together in one space. This will help you save time when searching. If you don't know where you can rent the most comfortable play space near you, you will find the desired location quickly and easily with us. 

Padel Club Badé

Padel Club Badé We offer newly opened padel courts in Georgia. The club is located in the Free University. The field is covered with artificial grass, is roofed, has security, has free parking, changing rooms, bathrooms and night lighting. 

Tbilisi Padel Club

Tbilisi Padel Club We offer a newly opened padel court in Georgia. The square is located near Mtatsminda Park. It is covered with artificial grass, has paid and free parking and night lighting.

If you are interested in other sports activities besides padel, you can book them here Football stadium , Karting, Basketball hall, Tennis courts, ice rink for figure skating and many other spaces. 


The Gomo site has a separate user rating category where you can view other people's comments. This will tell you how satisfied they are with the service. 

User opinion is the most reliable indicator of evaluation. So, it is these types of comments that can guide you when making a decision. Once you have read the information and reviewed other people's ratings, you can book the pitch you want calmly and safely. This will protect you from unpleasant surprises. 


Padel Online pitch reservation It is a practical decision. In this way, you will be able to save resources and quickly and easily rent a gaming space from your comfort zone. In addition, the site is a reliable source of information and will insure you against unpleasant surprises. 

Check out the pitches on the site. Depending on the location, prices and special offers, you will definitely find an environment where you can spend time with friends in a fun and productive way. 

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