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Maxiland Billiards

MaxxiLand - one of the biggest entertainment centers in Georgia offers you
A unique and diverse environment - bowling (4 lanes of AMF), billiards,
Playstation 5, the world's most popular games, up to 30 games
Machine, children's holiday halls, labyrinth and many surprises.
Maxiland - for maximum fun.


To enter the space, you must submit a reservation message

The player will be blocked and restricted from using the site if any of the clauses are violated:
1. Players are prohibited from aggressive behavior/talking towards staff, spectators or security in the space

2. Players who are not sober, under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed in the space

3. It is forbidden to damage or delay the space in any way

Maxxiland, Ilia Vekua Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

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